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Our Protein-Tested Bone Broths

We just love bone broth. Immune-boosting, gut-healing, joint-soothing, skin and nail enhancing bone broth.  However, the benefits of bone broth are only present when it's properly prepared, resulting in lots of real, natural bioavailable protein.  If it doesn't have a significant level of protein, it's not real bone broth. That's why we spent an entire year developing and nutritionally-testing our recipes to ensure that our bone broths consistantly deliver the wonderful benefits of bone broth. 

20g of Protein  =  8 Ounce Cup

All of our bone broths contain 20 grams of protein per 8 ounce cup, because where you find bone broth protein, you find healing amino acids.  We use very high ratios of bones to water to ensure the high protein levels, as well as high amounts of collagen, which you can observe yourself when your bone broth is thawed, refrigerated and has a Jello-like consistency. 

24-Hour Simmer 

Like our ratios, we don't skimp on time. We simmer our bone broths at low, consistant temperatures for a minimum of 24 hours to ensure that all nutrients are infused into the broth. 

Pasture-Raised with Organic Standards

We are proud to partner with local and regional farms that adhere to organic standards to offer 100% pasture-raised bone broths.

Our poultry is raised with no antibiotics, growth stimulants, added hormones, pesticides, preservatives, or animal by-products. They are fed an all natural, all-vegetable diet and provided fresh water that is regularly tested for purity. They are raised on small family farms, and traceable to the farms where they are grown. They are moved to open pasture at six weeks of age, where they live until maturity. They have a low-stress, humane environment with no over-crowding, so they mature comfortably and naturally at their own pace.

The beef we use are grass-fed and grass-finished, pasture-raised on a small family farm. No antibiotics, growth stimulants, added hormones, pesticides, preservatives, or animal by-products. 

 The vegetables, herbs and spices in our bone broths are organic. 

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