Our Commitment to the Environment - Bone Broth and Sustainability

Why do we try to be good to the environment?

Well, we could tell you a story about how we are good to the environment because we want to save the trees or stop world hunger, but we would be lying. We do it because we are selfish; we have this really great earth and we want to keep it! There is no place like it in our solar system, nor possibly even in our galaxy. And even though we see potential earth like planets in our solar system, they are beyond our reach and we aren't figuring out how to do Star Wars style warp travel anytime soon.

This is the only place we know that can sustain us. We literally need it to breathe, and to sustain anything else we need to survive. We need the earth's resources to make all of our other amenities of life.

We recognize that if we want this planet to sustain us, we need to sustain the planet. We realize that everything we do has an impact. We are not unreasonable; no one can be perfect or do it alone. If we, as a society, don't change the way we do things, we may not have this place much longer. But anything helps and we do everything we reasonably can.

We also know you have to start somewhere.

Remedy Bone Broth is  "doing our part" for sustainability

We recycle

We recycle all non-compostable items that can be recycled - things like cardboard, shipping boxes, plastic jugs, and glass containers.  We use a compostable and recyclable shipping liner with reusable gel ice packs for our online shipping to avoid sending tons of landfill fodder into the world. 

We compost 

We compost all our food and paper waste. Bones, veggies, paper towels, etc., all go to compost. We have reduced our waste to one home kitchen size trash bag a week. 

We reuse

Because our product is frozen, we use plastic packaging. Injection molded plastic is the only reasonable option to hold up to the extremely cold temps of our frozen broth. Therefore, we made sure to get recyclable and reusable containers. Our containers are dishwasher safe so you can reuse them if needed, but they can be recycled as well. We offer a "return clean and we recycle'' service to our farmers market customers. If they return the containers clean, we will recycle them. We also keep all packaging material that we receive when we order goods to reuse when we need packaging materials.

So what are you doing for your part? What are a few small changes that you can make to keep this world in good enough shape to keep us all in good shape? Anything will help.

Team Remedy

When you buy Remedy Bone Broth  you are supporting a conscientious, sustainable, local business committed to protecting the environment. You can order our broths in 4 pack bundles or 8 pack bundles for delivery right to your door, or find them in a store near you.