How do I use bone broth?

Bone broth is a delicious nutritious warm beverage that can provide a boost in the morning or promote relaxation in the evening.  It is also a wonderful nutrient-rich cooking base for making rice, quinoa, smoothies and soups, as well as for sautéing vegetables and making sauces. 

How should bone broth be stored?

Our broths are delivered frozen. Keep frozen or consume within seven days of refrigeration.

How do I thaw bone broth?

Our bone broth typically thaws in the refrigerator in one day.  Our packages are microwavable so that option is available as well.

How is your bone broth packaged?

Our broths are delivered frozen in 32oz, BPA-free, microwavable containers.

What is the quality of your ingredients?

Our broths are made from specific, nutritionally tested combinations of cage-free chicken bones, grass-fed beef bones, raw organic apple cider vinegar, reverse-osmosis filtered water and high-quality natural herbs and spices (organic when possible).  Chicken: No antibiotics, growth stimulants, added hormones, pesticides, preservatives, or animal by-products; Fed a natural, all-vegetable diet and fresh water that is regularly tested for purity: Raised on small family farms, and traceable to the farms where they are grown: Raised in low-stress, humane environments with no over-crowding, so they mature comfortably and naturally at their own pace. Beef: Grass-fed, pasture-raised on a small family farm; No antibiotics, growth stimulants, added hormones, pesticides, preservatives, or animal by-products; finished with with non-GMO corn grown on the same farm as the cattle.

Are your broths free from allergens such as nuts and gluten? 

We make our broths in a shared certified commercial kitchen, so we even though we clean our workstations tirelessly and our ingredients are free from allergens, we can't assume the kitchen we use is allergen free.

What does bone broth taste like?

It takes like delicious, savory broth.  We use just a hint of sea salt to enhance the flavor.

Why does it become gelatinous when it is refrigerated?

Gelatin is the difference between broth and bone broth. Only well-made, high-protein, high-collagen bone broths gel when cooled.  Our bone broths offer 20 grams of protein in each eight ounce cup! Researchers have found that gelatin improves digestion and joint health, and contains minerals in a form the body can easily absorb. We have sourced specific bones and tested our water-to-bone ratio to ensure that our bone broths gel beautifully when cooled.

When will my bone broth arrive?

Orders placed by noon on Wednesdays will be delivered on Tuesday or Wednesday  the following week.  The day before we delivery your order, you will receive an email notifying you that we're on our way. 

What if I won’t be home when you deliver my bone broth?

If you won’t be home at the time of delivery, just set a cooler with ice packs on your doorstep and your broth will be waiting for you when you arrive the same day.  

What if I need to change my delivery date?

Contact us at info (at) remedybonebroth.com to change the delivery date.