Nashville's Best Tasting Bone Broth with a Mission

Remedy Bone Broth is a family owned and operated Nashville business that does the work to make high quality bone broth like you can make at home, so you don’t have to.

We make healing bone broth that actually tastes great

Remedy Bone Broth was started in 2016 with a turkey roaster and a need for better tasting, higher quality bone broth. We started with the name Simmer Love because that is where it all came from -  with love for our body, mind, and spirit.  We knew that people deserved a product made with love and care like they would make themselves. We knew that broth helped stomach issues because it helped us. We knew it was good for digestion and joint pain because it helped us. We also knew that most bone broths tasted pretty bad, too. Was it worth it to grimace with every sip to get some relief? You better believe it, but we didn’t want to if we didn’t have to.

We know good, high-quality food is the Remedy

From there we worked on and perfected our first 7 bone broth flavorsWe brought them to the world through some Nashville area stores and farmers markets and Remedy Bone Broth was officially born. We changed our name to Remedy because the more we observed, the more we realized that good high-quality food is the Remedy. Our bone broth was the Remedy for many people’s issues ranging from stomach to skin problems. Now we have watched for years as some people with long lasting gut and health issues get free from or reduce the issues they have lived with their whole life. We love our broth, and we know you will too.

We care about the environment

As fellow human beings, we also take our impact on the environment seriously. We use containers that are re-usable and recyclable. We ship with compostable shipping liners and reusable gel packs. We, at every step, do our best to minimize waste and try our best to be as close to sustainable as possible. We compost, recycle and re-use where we can. We average about 1 bag of trash per week.

We care about hunger in our community

We also donate every month to a local organization whose mission is to curb hunger in the Nashville community. We love what we do and are grateful for what we do and are happy to serve you some of the best tasting, highest quality bone broth around.

Remedy Bone Broth delivers right to your door!

Discover the healing benefits of flavorful bone broth.