High Protein Bone Broth

Our bone broths contain 20g of protein per 8 ounce cup. Our Mushroom broth offers 5g protein per cup.

Protein-tested, Collagen-rich Bone Broths

Remedy Bone Broths contain 20 grams of protein per 8 ounce cup, because where you find bone broth protein, you find healing amino acids.  We use very high ratios of bones to water to ensure the high protein levels, as well as high amounts of collagen, which you can observe yourself when your bone broth is thawed, refrigerated and looks like Jello. 
Like our ratios, we don't skimp on time. We simmer our bone broths at low, consistent temperatures for a minimum of 24 hours to ensure that all nutrients are absorbed into the broth. 

Broth Nutritional Information


 110 calories • 20g Protein • 0 Carbohydrates • 1g Fat • 220mg Sodium (10% DV) • 6mg Iron (35% DV) • 44mg Vitamin D (10%) • 25mg Calcium (2% DV)
(per 8oz)


120 calories • 20g Protein • 0 Carbohydrates • 2g Fat • 210mg Sodium (6% DV) • 1mg Iron (6% DV) • 44mg Vitamin D (10%) • 25mg Potassium (4% DV) • 20mg Calcium (2% DV)
(per 8oz)


 20 calories  •  5g Protein  •  10% Vitamin D (DV) • 197mg Potassium (4% DV)  •  1g Iron (2% DV) • 14mg Calcium (2% DV)  •  140mg Sodium (6% DV)  • 0 Carbohydrates  •  0 Fat
(per 8oz)

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