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Protein-Tested, Pasture-Raised Broth with Organic Standards

We just love bone broth. Immune-boosting, gut-healing, joint-soothing, skin and nail enhancing bone broth.  However, the benefits of bone broth are only present when it's properly prepared with lots of protein.  That's why we spent an entire year developing and nutritionally-testing our recipes to ensure that our bone broths consistently deliver the wonderful promise of bone broth. Our broths are available in customizable 4-pack or 8-pack bundles. We ship nationwide!

20 grams of Protein in an 8-Ounce Cup

 If it doesn't have a significant level of protein, it's not real bone broth. All of our chicken broth and beef broth flavors contain 20 grams of protein per 8 ounce cup. 

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100% Pasture Raised, Organic Ingredients

We partner with local and regional farms that adhere to organic standards to offer 100% pasture-raised bone broths. We make our broths with locally grown poultry, grass fed beef, and organic vegetables, herbs and spices. 

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Our chicken broth, beef broth, and vegetable broth is available frozen by the quart in retailers in Hendersonville, Franklin, and the greater Nashville area. 

Remedy broth flavors

Healing bone broth that tastes great too!

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Looking for a lemony zing for your chicken broth or a spicy kick for your beef broth? Or maybe even the rich flavor of mushroom for your vegetable broth? From our mild and hearty Just Beef Broth, to our version of Nashville Hot Chicken, Remedy has a flavor to suit every taste.  

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