Eat More Plants! How Bone Broth Helps with Plant-based Eating

I know it’s kind of weird for a Bone Broth company to advocate for more plant-based eating, but we do! We are not against eating meat, but studies clearly show that eating more plant-based protein and less fatty meats has a huge impact on your health. But, how do we get the proper amount of protein and amino acids that usually are absent from plant-based protein? That's where bone broth comes in. 

The Benefits of Pasture-Raised, Quality Lean Meats

We know there are also benefits to eating good quality lean meats. By good quality, we mean animals that are pasture raised and eat their natural food source. Meat can provide your daily protein and collagen intake, as well as vitamins like B12, that plants don't typically have. We need protein daily to remain optimal, but meat - even lean mean - can be hard to digest. But, don’t throw out the meat just yet!

Bone Broth adds Protein and Collagen to a Plant-Based Diet

Remedy Bone Broth is a great solution for adding the protein and amino acids that usually are absent from plant-based protein but without having to digest the actual meat. Bio available collagen and gelatin combine to help heal your guts but also build muscle, repair damage from a surgery or an injury in general.

Pair Bone Broth with Beans and Nutrient-packed Plants

Even better, Remedy Bone Broth can be paired with nutrient dense plants and beans, like lentils and kidney beans. Plants like greens, quinoa, carrots, and celery are packed with vitamins and minerals and are the perfect addition to any of our bone broth flavors

Just one cup of boiled greens provides the following nutrients:

    • 268 milligrams (mg) of calcium 
    • 2.15 mg of iron
    • 40 mg of magnesium
    • 61 mg of phosphorus
    • 222 mg of potassium
    • 0.44 mg of zinc
    • 34.6 mg of vitamin C
    • 30 mcg of folate
    • 722 micrograms (mcg) of vitamin A (RAE)
    • 1.67 mg of vitamin E
    • 772.5 mcg of vitamin K

With that in mind,  here is a great recipe for our Remedy Bone Broth and Southern Style Collard Greens