How Quality Ingredients in Remedy Bone Broth Matters

Does the quality of ingredients in bone broth really matter? In short, yes! But if you want to know why, let's dig a little deeper. First, you have to realize that if food matters for us, then it also matters for your food's food. If you eat an unhealthy animal you will be getting sub-par building blocks, fewer nutrients and also a few other things you don't want, like high amounts of the stress hormone cortisol and larger amounts of omega-6 fatty acids.

The environment we create for the animals we eat matters

The environment we create for animals we eat can help or hinder an animal. If they have space to roam, good quality appropriate food, fresh air and clean water then animals tend to grow healthy and happy while creating a healthy food source that enhances your health. If you eat beef or chicken that is raised in this manner, you get good high quality protein with all the nutrients and vitamins that are supposed to be there. The meat is appropriately lean, as the animals get more exercise, and the fat tends to be different. Instead of avoiding the fat, it can be a good addition to your diet in moderate amounts as it has more omega-3's and fewer omega-6 fatty acids.

The environment we grow our plants in matters

The same goes for plants. Organically grown veggies are shown to have fewer levels of chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides that industrial farmed veggies tend to have. Those chemicals can wreak havoc on our gut biome and can cause disease in the human body after consuming it for long periods of time. It's hard to find a straight answer on whether organic methods produce higher nutrient content as there is no shortage of studies paid for by companies like Monsanto that show that industrial farming produces good nutrient content. For me, not having chemicals is enough to eat organic but I do know that when I bite into an organic apple versus a non-organic, the organic one almost always tastes more flavorful and more complex. This leads me to assume that the better soil health in organic practices are responsible, along with the plant's genetics, for complexity of flavor and consequently the nutrient content. This in turn should result in better nutrient absorption and diversity of nutrients in the soil when compost and natural fertilizers are used, instead of chemical fertilizers, and those tend to replenish the soil with more diverse nutrients.

Soil health and your gut health

Speaking of soil health, organically grown veggies are grown in soil that has a more diverse and vibrant microbiome. This has an impact on your gut health as well. Those veggies give you pre and probiotics, especially if you pull them right from your own organic garden. Sometimes industrial farmed veggies are grown in dead soil that relies solely on injected chemical fertilizers to grow and therefore have very little to no pro-biotics. Even the prebiotics(fiber) is a waste because the glyphosates and other chemicals from the pesticides destroy your existing biome.

Remedy Bone Broth uses organic vegetables

So why are we talking about this? We talk about this because we want you to know that it matters to us. That when you have a cup of Remedy Bone Broth you know that we take this in mind and make sure that every ingredient used is the best possible ingredient. We use organic veggies and spices. We use reverse osmosis water filtration with a carbon block filter and sediment filter for a pure clean tasting water.

We use Grass Fed Beef and Pasture Raised Chicken

Our beef broths use grass fed and finished pasture raised beef. Our chicken broths use pasture raised chicken that lives a free range life with all the little grubs and bugs the chicken could want. We also partner with farms that test for soil contaminants and water purity. Humanely raised animals produce better bone broth. It's also the right thing to do. (I know it's a bit of an oxymoron to humanely raise something you will eventually use for food but on so many levels we can't avoid that truth.)

Our lives are extended through the loss of other lives. Even plants have been proven to feel pain and have an avoidance to it. So with that being said we should reduce the cruelty to the final act of having to take a life to extend ours. It's all part of the cycle. We eventually feed the worms in the soil so I find peace in the justice of the life cycle.  So rest assured you have a quality food source and you can relax knowing it's clean.

Remember food is the Remedy so let Remedy Bone Broth Chicken, Beef, and Vegetable broths help you on your way to a balanced, healthy, full life supporting diet!