Uses for Bone Broth - Eat, Drink, and Cook with Protein-rich Broth

 "I know I should use it, but I don’t know what I can do with bone broth."

We hear this statement almost every Saturday at the Farmers Market. It is perfectly normal to see bone broth as a weird health food. It sounds gross to some, but if made well, is no different in flavor than a good chicken or beef stock. (Not the over salted stuff with bullion as its base.) 

Bone Broth is a Centuries-old Food and Medicine

Bone broth has been around for thousands of years, as long as people have raised animals for food.  It is used as a base in many traditional dishes around the globe. If you've ever had Vietnamese Pho, you've had bone broth! Bone broth has also been used medicinally for just as long. Anyone who has had a cup of good broth when they are feeling bad knows it can bring comfort and relief! 

"My Grandmother used to make that when I was little." 

This is another common remark I hear from people at the market. This was true of just a few generations ago, when people typically used every bit of the animals they raised for food. Now we are rediscovering bone broth as a great addition to our diet. It delivers high quality bio available collagen protein right to where it is needed! For most of us, a cup every other day is plenty to keep up collagen levels.

So, how do we use Bone Broth? 

Bone broth is a delicious nutritious warm beverage that can provide a boost in the morning or promote relaxation in the evening.  It is also a wonderful nutrient-rich cooking base for making rice, quinoa, smoothies and soups, as well as for sautéing vegetables and making sauces. So how do we use it? Well, here are several ways!

Drink Bone Broth

Warm it up and put it in a mug and sip away!

Boost a smoothie with Just Chicken Bone Broth

Cook Vegetables and Prepare Sides with Bone Broth

Prepare rice with bone broth and all that protein gets soaked up in the rice and it flavors the rice at the same time.

Make Risotto!

Add Chicken and Mushroom Bone Broth to dressing at Thanksgiving. 

Boil veggies in it. 

Prepare legumes with bone broth as the liquid.

Make hearty gravy by deglazing a pan with broth. 

Make Substitutions with Bone Broth

Make any soup, substituting the regular broth for bone broth.

Go dairy-free by using broth instead of milk in mash potatoes. 

So, give it a shot. Let Remedy Bone Broth help you incorporate bone broth into your diet.  For more inspiration, look through our recipes, and follow us on Instagram or Facebook. You can also sign up for our newsletter for more recipes, tips, and special offers.