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Why Drink Bone Broth? Five Health Benefits of Drinking Broth

Why would anyone drink bone broth? Rich in collagen, amino acids, and protein, bone broth is a delicious, bio available solution with a difference you can literally feel and see. Bone broth increases your quality of life by reducing aches and pains with its anti-inflammatory effects and heals your skin and digestive tract with the collagen rich amino acids. The bio available collagen protein available in bone broth assists in skin, tissue, and muscle repair. From post-workout recovery to healing digestive issues, bone broth hydrates, heals, and strengthens. 

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Uses for Bone Broth - Eat, Drink, and Cook with Protein-rich Broth

"I know I should use it, but don’t know what I can do with bone broth." We hear this statement almost every Saturday at the Farmers Market. Bone broth has been around for thousands of years, as long as people have raised animals for food. Our grandmothers used to cook with it and now we are rediscovering bone broth as a great addition to our diet. It delivers high quality bio available collagen protein right to where it is needed! 

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