Why Gut Health should be a Priority for Overall Health

Have you ever wondered about the intelligence of the human body? How does it all work together to form a vessel for us? It is an intricate system that uses blood, electric impulses, muscles, and organs to make us go. And it's driven around by us through an 8 pound blob inside our heads? Crazy! Well I'm pretty sure to some degree you have pondered this as people have since the beginning.

How do we keep our body in good shape?

Then there is a 2nd question. How do we keep this vessel in good shape? Most of us have asked this question from time to time. Some only ask once they play basketball or some physical activity and realize they aren't in shape and want to be. Some don't ask until they are on their way to the hospital with some medical emergency.  It really doesn't matter when or why we ask the question. What does matter is what we do once we want to know.

Making sense of the health information

Unfortunately most of us are just confused when we ask "How?", because it is a tough question to answer when you look at all the information available. A lot of health information is outdated, but still being touted as scientific truth. Then you have the cutting edge stuff that seems to get results but hasn't yet had the time to reveal the true cost. But there is buried underneath all the propaganda and hype, tricks, shortcuts, and devices, a quiet stream of evidence of what makes us healthy.

Like most truths, when you see it, you know and feel its wisdom. It's quiet. It's not flashy. But it's solid. It usually takes time and a little fortitude to get the ball rolling but after some time of consistency in choices and actions it begins to show results. We only have a few major systems in our body and while they are all important, some systems, like your heart, brain, and lungs, should be a priority when issues arise.

Your gut is the #1 priority for quality of life and longevity

But there is one that is #1 for quality of life and longevity and its health can affect the health of all our other systems. We are talking about your guts. Yep, that huge pile of intestines and stomach along with its entrance and exit. We often don't like to think of our digestive tract. We neglect it every time we eat fast food or stress out while we scroll through social media. We put things in our stomach without thinking about how it affects us, then we go out and spend tons of money trying to correct the issues we started when we neglected it. Everything you are comes from your digestive tract, with the exception of the oxygen we breathe and the minimal things we absorb through our skin. The rest of it has to come through our GI tract. 

Beneficial Bacteria Help Rebuild your Body

Do you know your body is constantly breaking down? You practically rebuild your entire body every 21 days or so. Where do you think those building blocks come from? Do you realize that the walls of your stomach and GI tract are responsible for most of your nutrient absorption? If you eat the wrong kinds of food, or have a life full of toxic stress, you could be destroying the lining of your stomach, which can wreak havoc on your absorption. When your stomach lining is damaged you may not be getting enough of the good things, all the while letting in the dangerous things. What about the fact that your GI tract is a giant facility that houses numerous valuable assets to our health? 80% of our immune system resides in our guts with billions, possibly trillions, of beneficial bacteria that help in digestion and immunity.

If you aren't eating the right things and eating too much of the wrong things you can evict the good tenants and bring in the unpleasant tenants like candida, which cause many issues in our gut health. Hormone imbalance,  bad bacteria growth, bad absorption, and many other problems can begin with your gut health. So what do we do? Well the first step is correcting any issues you may have. And depending on severity, it can range from an extreme action like a leaky gut diet, or in the case of no prior damage, just adopting better habits that keep your guts in good shape.

Remedy Bone Broths for Leaky Gut

Remedy Bone Broth can help you with just about every starting point. If you do need to follow a leaky gut diet our Just Chicken, Just Beef, and Lemon Ginger Chicken broths are gentle enough not to aggravate your stomach but full of gut healing collagen to speed up the process of healing your GI lining. Or if you are developing a bad bad bacteria colony in your belly you can do things like reduce sugar, preserved foods, fast foods, and fried foods for a while and enjoy some of our more flavorful sippers like Ginger Turmeric Chicken, Ginger Turmeric Beef, and Chicken and Mushroom broths. They still have the collagen but the addition of veggies and other flavors help make these a more enjoyable broth to sip. Those same broths can also help you eat more veggies which has been shown to re-populate your guts with good bacteria and provide fiber which is crucial for good gut health. If you want to know more about that check out our blog Eat More Plants!

And finally as a preventative measure, along with all of the aforementioned broths you can venture out into the spicy side of Remedy and enjoy our Hot ChickenSpicy Beef, and Spicy Chicken and Mushroom broths! They are great for cooking and sipping! 

So don't hesitate. Start your journey to good gut health with Remedy Bone Broth. You can order our broths in 4 pack bundles or 8 pack bundles for delivery right to your door, or find them in a store near you. 

Y'all have a great day and remember good food is the remedy!