Why Drink Bone Broth? Five Health Benefits of Drinking Broth

Why would anyone drink bone broth? If you aren't familiar with bone broth it can seem like it just appeared out of nowhere.  Rich in collagen, amino acids, and protein, bone broth is a delicious, bio available solution with a difference you can literally feel and see. Read on to discover a few of the more popular reasons to drink, cook with, or sip, Remedy Bone Broth. 

To Supplement Collagen 

Bone broth is one of the most effective and healthy ways to get collagen. Bone broth increases your quality of life by reducing aches and pains with its anti-inflammatory effects and heals your skin and digestive tract with the collagen rich amino acids.  A cup every other day is enough if your goal is to supplement collagen.

To Calm Digestive Issues 

Our guts can get out of whack. While sometimes it is bacteria that affects our guts, oftentimes it is our eating habits and excessive stress that damages our stomach lining and digestive tract lining, causing stomach discomfort. This is where bone broth comes in handy. The first step in healing your intestinal lining is to stop or reduce the habits that got you there in the first place. Once you do that, bone broth can take over and help to heal you. The collagen and gelatin amino acids go to work repairing your stomach and intestinal wall, restoring them to do their normal job - letting nutrients into the body and keeping waste out.

You may have leaky gut or an autoimmune disorder that needs treatment and diet management. Some cases require drastic dietary changes before healing can occur. (We always recommend working with a doctor before you make any drastic changes in your diet.)  In order to heal, start by reducing or eliminating table sugar, sweets, overly processed foods, and alcohol. Cook all veggies well, and drink a cup of broth every day. Better yet, make soups with bone broth and enjoy it every day. 

For Post Workout Recovery

Bone broth is perfect for post workout recovery. Remedy Bone Broth delivers bio available, high protein. Because your body doesn't need to break it down, your muscles begin recovery faster - working on soreness as quickly as within 30 minutes. A side benefit is our bone broths are made with sea salt, which contain electrolytes that help your post workout recovery. Bone broth is a kidney and liver friendly, hydration friendly, and digestive friendly post-workout protein supplement. Remember to have some the next time you work out.

To Recover from Injury 

Did you pull something while playing basketball? Are you having surgery? Bone broth can help both of those situations. Muscle recovery is expedited and pain is reduced with the use of bone broth.  Bone broth's anti-inflammatory nature helps ease some of the discomfort from most muscle related injuries. Even with less invasive surgical procedures, there is recovery needed where the incision was made. There is usually some damage caused by the surgery in order to repair what was wrong. The bio available collagen protein available in bone broth assists in skin, tissue, and muscle repair. 

To Recover from Illness

Feeling like you might be coming down with something? It is scientifically proven that chicken broth helps speed up the recovery of the common cold. It also helps alleviate the symptoms of other viruses while helping you stay hydrated. Speaking of hydration - those same things that help you feel better when you're sick will also help you feel better when you accidentally had a few too many the night before. All in all, bone broth is a great help in recovering from illness.

So, why do you want to drink bone broth? Supplement your collagen and recover from illness with Remedy Bone Broth. You can order our broths in 4 pack bundles or 8 pack bundles for delivery right to your door, or find them in a store near you

Y'all stay strong and remember good food is the remedy!

Team Remedy