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6 Reasons Bone Broth Is the Remedy to Support Joint Health

In the realm of natural remedies for supporting joint health, bone broth stands tall as a nourishing elixir with a time-tested legacy. From ancient civilizations to modern wellness enthusiasts, bone broth has remained a staple for its purported benefits in promoting joint health. In this blog, we delve into the science behind bone broth and explore why it has earned its reputation as a superfood for joints. Here are 6 reasons bone broth supports joint health.

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Is Food the Remedy? Remedy Bone Broth and the Mediterranean Diet

We at Remedy Bone Broth fully buy into the fact that food is medicine. Do we mean food is medicine for acutely treating existing ailments and diseases?  Well, yea sometimes. We advocate for partnering with doctors for acute and preventative care, and following the Mediterranean diet to optimize our health. Our bone broths are particularly suited for the Mediterranean diet and provide a versatile base for almost any vegetarian preparation. 

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